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Welcome to our community mental health center, where well-being takes center stage. Here, you’ll find a compassionate network of professionals dedicated to your mental health journey.

From outpatient counseling to crisis intervention, we’re here to guide you. Explore our services, connect with our psychiatrist, and discover the support groups that resonate with you. Let’s embark on this path together.

Discover Our Comprehensive Mental Health Services

At Schuyler County Mental Health Association, we embrace the art of healing. Our programs weave a safety net for your journey—a symphony of compassion, resilience, and hope. Explore the facets of our sanctuary, where every step is a brushstroke on the canvas of well-being.

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Explore Our Services

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Our aim is to facilitate individuals in their journey of healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. We accomplish this by offering a safe, non-judgmental environment, attentively listening to your needs, and tailoring a personalized treatment approach.

We're committed to supporting you every step of the way. Our objective is to assist you in overcoming challenges, finding healing, and progressing towards the life you envision for yourself.

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Discover Our Approach

At Schuyler County Mental Health Association, we offer comprehensive support in a nurturing atmosphere. From counseling to consulting and addiction treatment, our services cater to various needs, including anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. We offer autism support counseling, and for anxiety and depression, we work with clients to set personalized treatment goals. Our collaborative approach involves you and your family, aligning with directives from DHS, DCFS, the courts, or your EAP.

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Schuyler County Mental Health Association

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127 S. Liberty St., Rushville, IL 62681

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(217) 322 - 4373

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Outpatient Counseling

Crisis Counseling


At our community mental health center, outpatient counseling stands out as the service many people first consider. Our compassionate professionals offer these sessions weekly or bi-weekly. Alongside counseling, we provide a range of additional support services, including group sessions, case management, and community support.

Crisis services may be available at our office, but often, they're needed elsewhere. We maintain a 24/7, 365-day on-call schedule for crisis support. Our counselors who respond to crises meet the standards of a Mental Health Professional (MHP) as set by the Department of Human Services/Division of Mental Health and outlined in Medicaid Rule 132.

Meet Dr. Philip Woerner, a board-certified psychiatrist with over 60 years of experience, who offers mental health services to our clients and specializes in prescribing psychotropic medication as part of comprehensive treatment plans. Joining him is Veronica Williams a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with 27 years of local nursing experience.

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Substance Abuse Groups

Autism Support

Other Groups

Join our weekly Relapse Prevention Group, offering extra support for individuals with Substance Use Disorder. Many have found this group helpful, especially those undergoing outpatient treatment. Additionally, our Wellness Recovery Action Program is available twice a year, spanning ten weeks.

Explore personalized autism support at our facility. Our compassionate team provides specialized counseling and workshops tailored to empower individuals on the autism spectrum. Experience a welcoming environment designed for growth and independence.

Explore our range of programs designed to nurture and support our community. In addition to our Community Care Programs offering chore and housekeeping assistance, we offer various support groups throughout the year, including Anger Management, Parenting, and Divorce Support Groups. Be sure to stay updated on our latest offerings and discover the new groups we introduce to enrich our community.

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