Schuyler Counseling offers numerous group opportunities

Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a ten week program and is offered twice each year. WRAP is a recovery-based program for individuals; usually who have a mental illness diagnosis, however it can also be beneficial for individuals dealing with substance use disorders. It helps the individual learn to recognize their own strengths; then use those strengths to develop ways to manage their symptoms.

Anger Management group is a twelve week program. Many of the people who attend have been court ordered to do so. However the program is not limited to those who have had legal problems and is open to anyone. The program is paid for by the participant, unlike some other groups that can be billed to insurance or Medicaid/Medicare. The participant must attend all but two sessions to receive credit for completing the program.

Relapse Prevention Group is held weekly and is a continuous group. This is a group that provides opportunities for additional support to those with a Substance Use Disorder. This group has been beneficial for numerous individuals. The only requirement for attendance is that the individual needs to be a client receiving Substance Use Disorder Outpatient Treatment thru the agency.

Women's Trauma Group is held every other week. This group is designed to offer support for women who have had traumatic life events. It gives the participants a safe place to open up about their experience(s) and address the resultant issues directly.

Parenting/Kids Group was developed by the agency to address a recurrent theme in counseling sessions for individuals who are raising children. Common questions in sessions that come up are; "What can I do with...? He/She won't listen to me." On the other side of that coin, many of the young people we have provided services for say similar things, like; "I can't ever please him/her. Why won't they listen to me?" We've began offering a parenting group simultaneously with a kid's group which is designed to provide reinforcement and support to parents and kids in coordination with behavioral health services.